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The LingoSpell team

Knowing how to seize opportunities by offering a quality and customer-oriented service that outperforms the competition. Are we ambitious? Yes. This is the ethos nurturing LingoSpell. We constantly strive to create the unprecedented, the original, the unique, while focussing our attention on the needs of a market that is always shifting and in flux. Founding partners, Dario and Sandra, started out on this adventure and have been joined over the years by other like-thinking professionals, coming from around the globe.



A pragmatist but also a dreamer. Sun and sea are a feature of her outgoing personality, mixed with a leaning towards perfection and getting things done to the highest standards. Sandra is the backbone and a driving force in LingoSpell. With a Master’s in Translation from Bari University in her backpack, she has roamed the Mediterranean, spending some wonderful years in Malta, her happy place. She puts the same dedication and attention into Project Management as she does into her organic tomato plants that she tends to meticulously on the balcony. In her leisure time, she enjoys planning vacations in Europe, but you may also find her checking out casinos - for professional reasons, of course …



A big fan of everything Apple (sorry Mr Gates), Dario always wanted to launch his own business from scratch. He did not start out in the family garage like his role model, but he did see a juicy apple opportunity on the horizon in the translation business. So, that’s how he got to take the helm of LingoSpell. Can you imagine how much care and attention goes into a beard like Dario’s? Well, he puts the same dedication into managing LingoSpell. Billing, agreements and NDAs all fall under his meticulous eye or, rather, across his Mac screen. When he is not in the driving seat at LingoSpell, then you will probably find him behind the wheel of his car (the Tesla is still on the wish list), perhaps on his way to his adored Dolomites.



A realist but with a compelling need to express her creative soul. After gaining a Master’s in International Sciences at Forlì university, Beatrice had an epiphany moment, discovering that there was a limitless world that went beyond the confines of physical State borders and geopolitics: the web. She launched her career as a Web Content Writer until her path crossed LingoSpell’s and she happily moved into Project Management. If she could abandon her PC and laptop (Microsoft, this time) she would retire to a more secluded life in some wonderful woodland place with a horde of shelter dogs or would become the lead drummer in a rock band. But this is another story, perhaps a tale she could tell in one of the stories she writes (but keeps under lock and key in her drawer!).



Born and bred in Milan, Chiara graduated in foreign languages and literature from the University of Milan, convinced she wanted to be a translator. But as everyone knows, sometimes destiny gets in the way and she came across LingoSpell almost by chance: with her strong passion for tiny, feline friends, when she began using CAT tools, she realised that becoming a Project Manager was the purrfect job for her. Her extraordinary precision and impressive organisational skills are her strong points, and she puts them to good use, both in the office and when she decides to swap her desk for the cooker and make one of her culinary delights, especially her amazing cakes. Seaside or mountains, Scotland or Greece: for Chiara anything goes. As long as she gets to travel and explore exciting new paths, at work but also on the saddle of her beloved bike.




With her heart rooted between Rome and Sicily, Simona first came to LingoSpell after taking some time out to explore Europe. First in Germany, and then in Scotland,
she relished all the opportunities that came her way to experience scenery and lifestyles that differ greatly from those of her beloved Palermo,
and to pursue her passion for travel, languages and other cultures to the full.
The same passion that urges her to seek out an icy location in the middle of winter, visit a warm seaside resort, trek for miles or lie back, relax, and soak in the sea.
Simona has many passions. Top of the list is Project Management and no,
we’re not joking! She really loves her job…! Then come music, concerts and,
only recently, roller skating. After all, life is just one long journey where everything evolves.
The trick is to juggle your deadlines and tackle new beginnings with courage
and determination, just like in Project Management! And Simona has all this - and more- down pat.


Our winning team

To implement our ambitious corporate project, we rely on many expert translators and linguists (mother-tongue native only!), content writers, editors and reviewers, enabling LingoSpell to offer over 60 languages.
We have developed extremely strict standards and tests for selecting the linguists that will become part of the team, ensuring that we are certain they can deliver the quality, before entrusting them our assignments.
We communicate rapidly and efficiently deploying up-to-the-minute information technology. Distance and time zones are no problem for LingoSpell!

Translator English

A Brit who moved to Italy almost four decades ago to get away from grey London skies, Alison oversees most of our marketing projects requiring translation from Italian and German. She is also a legal and financial specialist with her background in law. A valuable and creative resource for us. Cheers Alison!

Translator French

Attention to detail, bordering on manic meticulous. This sums up Annabelle. She has been working with LingoSpell for many years, providing translations in French that our clients wax lyrical about. She moves effortlessly from luxury goods to board games, and we know we can always count on her intuition and insight. Merci beaucoup, Annabelle !

Translator Turkish

Living in cosmopolitan Istanbul, Cagdas is LingoSpell’s anchor for Turkish and works for us almost on a daily basis, delivering translations, primarily in the iGaming and cryptocurrency areas. When we have any doubts about a translation to Turkish, we know that Cagdas is the man! Çok teşekkürler Cagdas!

Translator Turkish

In Izmir, we have yet another essential part of the team. Damla, an avid writer (with an enviable collection of multicolour fountain pens) and knowledgeable cosmetics specialist, has only recently joined the linguist team, but she is already part of the LingoSpell international family. Çok teşekkürler Damla!

Davide and Andreive
Translators Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

Yes, LingoSpell got an incredibly good 2X1 valuable resource deal. Life and work partners, Davide and Andreive are LingoSpell’s anchors for Italian and Brazilian Portuguese in iGaming and trading. A fusion of creativity and precision that makes this couple a godsend! Obrigado, ragazzi!

Translator Greek

After a dip in the crystalline, azure blue waters of the Greek island of Crete, Dimitra is back at her desk and ready to translate texts and content into Greek for LingoSpell. A marketing expert, specialising in wine&food, and Forex enthusiast, we never have any doubt that we are in good hands. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ, Δήμητρα!

Translator Swedish

Emma is LingoSpell’s dating expert and go-to linguist in Sweden. She is always ready to translate content for remedying the lonely-heart conundrums of her fellow Swedes. Outgoing and always there to lend a hand, Emma for LingoSpell is like a rush of fresh Nordic air! Tack Emma!

Translator Finnish

iGaming is Esa’s bread and butter and he is LingoSpell’s linguist in Finland, with whom we have had a long-standing working relationship. Slot machines, poker, blackjack and other casino games are his business, and he has a real talent for making content appealing in one of the most difficult languages in Europe. Kiitos, Esa!

Translator German

Irene has all the attributes you associate with Made in Germany precision, and she provides translations that put everyone happily on the same page. Board games and subtitling are her favourite areas. We know that when Irene is behind a translation, we can rest assured we’ll get work back that meets LingoSpell’s highest standards. Dankeschön, Irene!

Translator English

Joanna exchanged the English Cambridgeshire countryside for the French mountain peaks around the Rhône. She has been working with us from the start translating from French and German to English. When she is not writing an article or transcreating marketing copy, she enjoys cooking, reading and playing mum to her boys. Thank you, Joanna!

Translator Polish

Karol has been providing LingoSpell with translations in Polish for some time and, thanks to his expertise in iGaming, LingoSpell’s clients always get the right solution to their needs. There’s not a slot game or promotion that Karol can’t turn around at the speed of light. Dzięki, Karol!

Translator Spanish for Latin America

Straight from the Argentinian capital, Laura handles and oversees many of our translations in Spanish for Latin America. The time zone difference is never a problem, and Laura always finds the window for communicating with LingoSpell rapidly and cordially, delivering word perfect translations time after time. Muchas Gracias, ¡Laura!

Work with us

LingoSpell is a young and dynamic company and is always on the lookout for team players who share our mission and love for translation.

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