Our services

is not the mere
substitution of
one word for another

Lingospell is a professional translation provider aiming at meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients.
Our staff is composed of professional native translators who undergo a thorough evaluation of their skills according to their respective fields of expertise. This serves to ensure the correct use of terminology and to obtain high quality results. Only specialised translators can fully comprehend a text and render its meaning into another language without making it sound like a translation.
With Lingospell you will have 60 languages at your disposal and can request express service at no extra cost: we need only 24 hours (or even less) to translate up to 1500 words in emergency situations.




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How does it work?

Easy-peasy: you send the text you want to translate and we will provide you with our best possible quote. Before starting with the translation process, our translators and project managers will focus on your ideas, brand image and style. This way we ensure that our translations perfectly meet your expectations. After the agreed timeframe, you can download the translated files in the format of your choice!


How many languages do you cover?

Lingospell works with native professional translators to cover 60 languages. These include the Asian ones and some rare ones too. If you don’t see your language in our map, please drop us a line: we are always adding more languages to the list.


I am a business client and have a big workload. Do you have any special rates?

Of course we do!  For recurring clients we have business solutions and bonus schemes in place to ensure the best possible prices. Let’s have a chat and establish the right set up!


How long does it take to translate a text?

We are able to deliver up to 1500 words within 24 hours. Are you in a particular hurry? No problem, we won’t let you down of course: we can build a team of translators and speed up the process.


How do you select the right translators?

We exclusively work with professional translators. After the evaluation phase, we assign a translator to each client according to the field of expertise in question. You can even run a test and choose the translator you prefer in terms of style and tone and stick to the same linguist for each and every project.


How can you ensure the best quality for my product, platform or game?

Our team of creative translators is pretty experienced and we make sure to hire only the best ones around. We know how important terminology is and therefore we assign a project to a translator who has proven experience in your field of expertise. Once we start a long-term collaboration, we will suggest a cost-efficient process and build glossaries for your terminology management. 


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